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This is the new spray gun by TRI-TECH. It is called the t-380. It is replacing the old 420 by TRI-TECH which had a slight design flaw. I was given this gun by the people at TRI-TECH so that I could try it out based on the fact that my 420 gun had started to fail on one of the seals because of a design flaw. My 420 still works but it has a slight flaw. I was told by the wraps from tri-tech that this would be replacing the 420 n this gun would be implemented into all of the packages for all sprayers with the exception of their T4 model. What first strikes me about this gun is that it has a etching on the side that indicates it is TRI-TECH. The top of the gun unscrews so that you can reach the inline gun filter. Very similar to the 360 gun which I presently have. Upon first using this gun I noticed that it's very lightweight and very easy to trigger with two fingers. I prefer a two finger gun because logic has always told me a regular gun when pulling the trigger is one finger so on spray guns one finger or two fingers and in my opinion would be less fatigue than using four fingers. Once I first attach this gun to my line I sprayed Regal semi-gloss on the trim and doors of the project we are working on. I need to turn the pressure up slightly more on my t-7 pump as in comparison to the 360 which uses less pressure. What I was told is actually the tension on the 380 is a little bit tighter for a larger PSI as in comparison to the 360 gun. That is why I have to turn up the pressure slightly more than my 360 gun.. I used a fine finish 210 tri-tech tip and found once I hit the sweet spot on the pressure which I would say is about 1500 to 1600 PSI then this gun is a dream. It fingers very easily and is very light weight without fatiguing when sprain all day long. I think the trigger seems to be a little bit more sensitive which allows for getting into those tight spots inside cabinets or in tight Corners when you have to quickly trigger so that your paint doesn't puddle and start sagging on you after spraying. We switched to Smart prime primer for a couple of different areas midday on this project and even spraying the Smart prime is a piece of cake with this gun. Switching back to the Regal semi-gloss at the end of the day I noticed that I seem to get even a finer finish as in comparison to my 360 gun. How does it compare to guns from blue or guns from Red? I would say that there is no comparison. Yes the red makes that shiny Iron Man looking gun and blue has always had their contractor gun as their standard but this one seems to be a step above either one of those guns. Cleaning this gun at the end of the day was very simple twisting off the top and pulling out the gun filter. I would certainly give this gun and a plus for looks and ease of use on a everyday basis. You could say I am biased because after switching from Blue to tri-tech a couple of years ago my finishes have gone above the ceiling and we continually get compliments on the finishes that we spray out with our TRI-TECH equipment. I'm sure that it's only a matter of days before these guns are actually put onto the market for sale. I can't say that I would know the price points for this t380 gun but I'm certain that it will be competitively priced to compete with blue and red. I would imagine that as with all of my equipment if I take care of this gun than it should last me for a very long time spray painting every day with it. Thank you to tri-tech for another Precision built piece of equipment. I will continue to sing their praises because without a doubt using their equipment our profits have increased. Way to go TriTech. Shout out to Dan Hosley vp sales and marketing. Shout out to Gene Barton regional sales and service rep, both of TriTech.
Category: Painter Post By: JENNY NAVARRO (Laguna Niguel, CA), 07/30/2019

zoomermp I don't spray (by choice), just brush & roll, but since reading your past posts about Tri-Tech sprayers I told several of my painters friends about T-T. Not sure what they did with that info but at least they know that there is another alternative. It's nice to hear that there is a company that took the spraying equipment to the next level.

- TANYA PARK (Fishers, IN), 08/17/2019

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