Forum Title: Interior polyurethane SNAFU
Started with the real stuff. HO found the smell to be objectionable, despite ventilation. Switched to water-base and, sure enough, it looks pretty lousy. Here's where it gets tricky, though, and I will include pictures. portions of the wood - window sills, mostly - require a spar urethane or a UV protectant as they are subject to large amounts of sunlight. So this is definitely amateur hour, and now I've got oil base, water base, spar, some parts with multiple coats of oil/water/both, others with one, some with zero, hand rails with TEN, and the sun is visibly degrading the wood by the windows. FYI, I put this stuff on approx seven years ago. My preference would be for everything to have the oil look, avoid any issues re: combining water/oil (though that doesn't seem to matter) and to protect the visibly degraded wood near the windows. Sorry for the length of the post. Aside from pointing out what a jackasses I am, are there any tips? Or maybe just where I went wrong? Can I - regardless of current number and type of coat - give a scuff sand and oil it up, using spar near the sills? My head is spinning. Note to mods: posted originally in MIT appropriate section but it is essentially a ghost-forum. Please excuse.
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- MICHAEL R (San Francisco, CA), 08/01/2019

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